Sunday, February 26, 2006

inner geek comes out

Scott and I went to the New York Comic Con yesterday. Unbeliveably, I kept getting "arrested" by the "Empire." I think David Bowie shirts are illegal in their universe.

...and Scott posed with a Lego version of The Dark Knight himself. There were all these kids in costumes and there was even an Air Force recruiter there. I got to meet one of my favorite artists, Brian Wood (fine, I have a FAVORITE). It was a total human cattle situation - sold out and packed in on the convention floor. Wild.

Anyway, after we asked this one speeder bike stormtrooper guy to arrest me so we could get this picture, this other geek comes up and offers me a lightsaber so I could "defend myself" against the Empire. I think maybe he crossed the line across which I cannot go. Extended roleplaying, specifically.

Scott spent some quality time hanging with his favorite stormtrooper format, the "scout trooper". Maybe he thinks it's a "Scott trooper."


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